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I am now happily remarried to my own version of 'Peetra". I have 3 children, plus one stillborn son in my heart always. A 'rescued' Siberian Husky named Oliver, Saved Luna Fish & feeder to many birds in the area ;)

A Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis in 2012 put me behind in my crafting blog but I am so much better and intend to get this back going. Thanks for the support crafters!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wait.. What was I saying again...

I took a great deal of holiday photos - as usual. I have a huge card for my camera which I think is problemo #1. Because then I just click away! I still have hundreds (yeah.. probably thousands with my kiddo's camera's factored in) of pictures from our very busy summer. So many of them are just fantastic! I could spend another summer just viewing them and setting up slideshows.

Shutterfly had a great 101 free photos. I even wasted precious internet usage downloading them; if you live in Canada you know how much we pay for this basic need - and then I forgot to order before the deadline. Sooo disappointed. So I have to wait for the next coupon or great deal to get those shots. They are all from ONE day in our summer.

We had flown to California for over 2 weeks.

*We went to San Diego for the very cool USS midway. (I was dragged to it by 'Peetra' but then we were so sad when it closed as its actually amazing and a full day to see everything there)We were very jealous of the families who were going to sleep overnight in the soldiers quarters. Ok everyone else but me was jealous. I like my bed but it did look really cool and I highly recommend it.

*Carslbad! Legoland baby! So. Much. Unexpected fun. AGAIN!. Great Sheraton hotel by Legoland too. Best on the trip. (Kudos for no 'resort' fee)Go club if you can. Avoid family meal combo at the hotel restaurant. Bring grapes from the club breakfast to eat in legoland. Enjoy the hot chocolate and go get the snacks at closing time at the club because then they just might give you whatever is still left...

*then of course Disneyland. Totally worth it to see World of Color & Fantasmic shows. We did the Disneyland hotel as I was there for the CTMH convention and we had great rates..but it was during construction which wasn't great at all. In fact it would have been our worst hotel experience if it wasn't for:

*San Francisco The Palace hotel. Intended to be our luxury end to our all the way to California- which-we-never-will-do-again treat. (unless someone else pays for it) It was horrible!!! Dirty. Filthy. Torn bedding. Plugged toilet. Incredible amount of street traffic and trucks reversing. We got some stupid reward points for having a terrible experience but seriously I just wanted to have a good experience. Go check it out. Its beautiful inside the foyer. The atrium is amazing. But don't stay there. If I hadn't been hit with a head cold when we arrived I would never have accepted the room but it was late. ( I called them to let them know we were arriving and to please make sure our room had no feather in it. We'd already paid for it. My reservations has been made months in advance and prepaid. ) We arrived around 11pm. We were exhausted and could barely make it through check in. I was a bit disturbed by the bathroom but really I just fell into bed. Woke up to all the horrible things I described plus an allergic reaction to the lovely feathered pillows. I could not believe the state of the room. Stains on the furniture and rings on the tables. Wait.. was was I saying again. Oh yes! Our one day!

We were sick the whole day in the hotel. At least the room was a 'suite' so we had two rooms and the perfectly healthy kiddos could watch TV while DH and I SLEPT and popped head cold pills. (we dragged ourselves to the pharmacy and McD's for food)
So the second day we had to SEE San Francisco before we left. It was our last full day and, despite the evil head cold, we made it a day to remember.

The Golden Bridge, Muir beach that was amazing - until we saw the contaminated water sign - on our way out.. Muir woods. We even drove a van down Lombardi Lane and someone was moving in! I have over 300 pictures for this day. I picked out 101 that I wanted to see processed for sure. (I have to add; and when we finally left the hotel the next day to go to the airport. It took them an hour to get our van. It was parked in the lot across the street. One other couple was leaving. ONE HOUR. Yes. We still made it through security for international travel but only because for once we had left early.)

Funny that I was also disappointed that, on New Years Eve, I took less than a dozen shots! Such fun and no visuals. So I guess I'd rather have the problem of picking which awesome shot to use rather than ..use what I got!

I have been busy uploading my pictures onto my Studio J design center as I'm determined to find time to make TEN two-page layouts before the end of the month. (because I like to take advantage of deals.. look below. Order nine and get the tenth free!) I will wait on the San Francisco day for now. I still have our camping adventure and our family cruise that we took with my friends family. Such a crazy wonderful summer. I have to fit all I can before my oldest is set free!

So the deal is; If you order 9 layouts you get one free.

There are two big rules to the deal:

1.You do need to be a paying 'member' to get this deal. However you can do this with only a 3 month membership at $30. (all prices dropped Jan 1st! This includes all paper and cricut items too, btw) Please remember that you do not need to be a member to order regular layouts from Studio J.. you just get the following perks if you are!

2. You must order all 10 layouts at once and before Jan 31st 2012.

Membership INCLUDES :
• 50% off retail price. So instead of $13 for a 2 page layout. Its $6.50! (3.25 a page) Every layout is a beautiful custom printed 12X12!
• JPG files available free with each purchased layout or, as a member - you can just buy the JPEG! ($3) JPG files come in both high resolution and thumbnail sizes to print, share, or archive. Ps. Buying just the JPEGS of your layouts does not qualify for a free layout and you need a printer that can do 12X12 to print it fullsize.
• Free Memory Protectors with every layout order
• Free shipping (Once a month with each purchase of 7 – 20 layouts) Shipping is usually $13.95 a box.
• Exclusive kits and patterns. Top-quality silver-halide processing.
• Special deals and promotions like this one!

TIP: Thanks for reading this! My tip to advantage of this: You can go online here and click on online shopping (not studio J) and purchase a now lower priced $30 Three month membership (code SJMEM3) With that you qualify for the Rock the Block campaign that is also going this month (see my website or below this) and you can add it to your order if you're interested since the membership qualifies!

Then you are a Studio J member and can play on the computer with any design we offer; making up 10 layouts. Order at the member price and get the 10th free.

Shipping/memory protectors/Jpegs are all yours!! You can then experience in 3 months whether studio J works out for you & really the next 3 winter months are often the best to find time to put together amazing layouts online!

One VERY Important Notice if you get a membership. Membership DOES auto-renewal but you can turn it off. I recommend that as soon as you register, that you log in to Studio J. Click on 'My Account' and simply turn off the auto renewal tab.(see below) If you love it; turn it back on or go for a year, but I cannot cancel a membership once it renews and I rather you make that decision after using it. They usually send an email to you before your membership expires so you can use it up before it does...

*Upon purchasing a Studio J membership, purchaser will receive an email containing a 16-digit code. To apply this code to an online account, the new member must provide a current credit card. Member agrees to monthly auto renewal for 3-month memberships and annual auto-renewal for 12-month memberships. Member can cancel auto renewal at any time by changing renewal preferences in the online account Billing tab, available by logging in to Studio J and clicking on My Account. Upon expiration or cancelation of a membership, layouts created with member-exclusive content are no longer available for purchase unless membership is renewed. No minimum monthly purchase is required to remain an active member, but monthly order privileges are forfeited if not used. Membership benefits do not accrue. Memberships that have already been processed cannot be refunded. Upon purchase of a layout, member will receive an email when JPG files of purchased layouts are available for download through the online account Order History tab. If member does not download JPG files within one week of checkout, files will only be available through repurchase.*

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