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My name is Susan and I'm a regular mom who discovered in her .. umm - later in life that I like crafty stuff.

I am now happily remarried to my own version of 'Peetra". I have 3 children, plus one stillborn son in my heart always. A 'rescued' Siberian Husky named Oliver, Saved Luna Fish & feeder to many birds in the area ;)

A Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis in 2012 put me behind in my crafting blog but I am so much better and intend to get this back going. Thanks for the support crafters!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

I may have MS but it doesn't have me!

It has been a while since I last posted! Over two years! I had gotten ill and was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis -Which I had to learn to spell ;)

Getting ill and adjusting to a new kind of life took some time. I have recovered well and even more appreciate it when my hands work right for me to fool around with our products!

Luckily many of my symptoms have decreased. I have continued to work with my customers and am grateful for their support and understanding. I even have become a Team Manager with Close to my Heart!

The last CTMH conference was in Disneyland again and I was able to make it. Such a fun great company it is to work with.

One of my autumn goals is to get this blog going again. With more information, more directions and ways to use our items.

My Facebook Page is current with promotions and lots of interesting facts. Check it out here

Thanks so much for holding on,

Susan (Suzy)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dollars For Dallin

My great nephew, ♥ Dallin Struk, ♥who lives in Hutchinson Minnesota has leukemia and I'm doing a fundraiser for him and his family.
This fundraiser is available for both USA and Canadian purchases.♥ All purchases must be made by February 25th! His family will get 25% of whatever you purchase! (if anyone in Europe is interested contact me. I can set it up ) If we sell more; they get a higher amount. I'm donating every cent to them.
All items will be directly shipped* to you so while there is shipping costs; almost everything is 10% off this month! Kinda balances! Click on the flag to change countries. A pop up will appear asking you to choose your country. Choose it then click on the country/language button and it will then switch to the correct country.
ps. I've already sent Dallin the Ronald McDonald Charity bear Sasha. I know that the Ronald McDonald house has been helpful to Dallin and his parents so consider getting him for your kids! Its the last month to purchase Sasha.♥
♥Everyone who makes a purchase will be entered into a draw♥! $50 spa gift certificate in Canada and a 'Scentsy package' to the USA! (a surprise warmer and 2 bars). The biggest purchase will also get a bonus gift from me!!♥


Saturday, February 4, 2012

How to tell my husband I've been Scentsy Scentsationalized?

Is that a real word?

Have I really added ANOTHER business to my life? Oh gosh. Please check out my facebook page and like it. (so it doesn’t look so pathetic) Its here.

♥I've know about Scentsy for a few years but I avoided it because - umm - Scents and my Migraines don't usually go well together. I never even gave it a whiff!

♥But then my awesome friend Paola started to sell it. Still I figured it would hurt my head …but then my friend Erica had a party - and since I was returning a flute she had lent my daughter - I thought I'd just go, drop off the flute and take a lay out the land - but easy to scoot back out! (I think it was the stuffed Scentsy animals that kept me in) Of course having kids; well the safety of the scentsy is huge! No more risk of lighted Candles!

♥I loved the stuff! Some scents are a bit too strong for me but most of them are incredibly smooth and gentle. I was interested then about joining but.. I have MS and I have migraines. Can I add this into my busy life. (I also have 3 kids and an amazing husband.. who just shrugged his head. I know I know…) and I do have work. lol. The fact I could sell to the USA was a great thing.. and I can sell or sponsor also to United Kingdom, Ireland & Germany. ♥♥ And we do FUNDraising!! I love fundraisers! Contact me for info!

♥Even my picky allergy prone husband loves some of the scents like Oats & Honey. My daughter loves the 'camu camu' for her locker, my eldest boy has the 'cucumber lime’ in his and my youngest is a big fan of the aforementioned stuffed animals. (You want to hug it forever!) ♥So in February 2012 Scentsy had a great double up consultant kit and I figured. I just love this stuff so much. The people i know are so great and involved - everyone is happy at scentsy. (it must be something in the air) I hope you will consider me to be your consultant for Scentsy. I value my clients. I send out a monthly newsletter that is non aggravating! sign up here and see! Almost Everything is 10% off …link to a party for free shipping if you are local, If not; heck a $200 order is Free shipping! Enjoy for yourself or coordinate with a friend.

If you'd like to join this great company then give me a shout! I love helping people. ♥♥♥

That's it. I have no time for more awesome companies!