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My name is Susan and I'm a regular mom who discovered in her .. umm - later in life that I like crafty stuff.

I am now happily remarried to my own version of 'Peetra". I have 3 children, plus one stillborn son in my heart always. A 'rescued' Siberian Husky named Oliver, Saved Luna Fish & feeder to many birds in the area ;)

A Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis in 2012 put me behind in my crafting blog but I am so much better and intend to get this back going. Thanks for the support crafters!

Friday, July 10, 2009

I've picked out my design for my end of July/ August gatherings! I'm using the Amore paper to make a card and its just adorable. (its not too girly. I promise) I'll add an image as soon as I ...find my camera.. ugh.

Don't get me wrong; I LOVE LOVE LOVE my little ones but from Saturday to Friday we will be KID-FREE!! I've got some pictures and scrapbooking paper just waiting for me. ..Also some desperately needed gardening (cough!cough! Weeding!) , my CHEF wants to move a door frame on a wall, paint the family room.

... AND go to Niagara on the lake for one night to celebrate our anniversary! Doesn't that sound romantic. (Well.. the getaway part)

I'm going to challenge the CHEF to use my stuff to make me a homemade card! I now know to take a zillion pictures so I can preserve the wonderful memories I know we'll have for our whole Kid-Free week...

Aaaagh! True Love! Or is it tuu wuv?

I probably won't be posting the week of the 20th. We're doing a family fun week~~ no facebook or internet allowed~~ HaHa.. See how that works..Actually we did this last year and the kids INSISTED we did it again. Even though they complained at first of lack of computer .. they loved the time we spent together. ** another album idea**

If you are thinking about having an August party I could try to schedule you in. The August stamp of the month is Awesome. Click here and look at page 109. Just email me at myheart@rogers.com

Anyways, hopefully the camera will be found so I can RECORD the next couple weeks! I hope your all taking snapshots and jotting memories down of your 2009 summer!

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