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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Heirloom Recipe book ..um recipe?!?

I just published my september Newsletter and wanted to share this great idea i have in it. If you plan now for Christmas presents you'll save time, money..and maybe your sanity! If you want to get on my monthly email list just email me at myheart@rogers.com
Heirloom Recipe Books

Looking for a non-commercial unique Christmas gift? Scrapbooking family recipes are a wonderful idea and delightfully easy as 1,2,3 & 4..

1.Start with a 6 x 6 album.
2. Cut your cardstock into 6 x 6 pieces
3.Attach your printed or handwritten recipes or, print your recipes on decorative tags to create some movement on your pages. Be creative with your scrapbook recipe book pages. You can create pocket pages where the recipe can be re-moved and consider laminating the recipes with tacky paper.

HINT: Maybe add in a few "Recipes to Remember" ie. Recipe for a happy… home, marriage or children. Add Family mottos, quotes (Erma Bombeck anyone?) and jokes. Dad‘s recipe for a happy life.. There are so many variations on this theme.

4. Now, its time to decorate! Give your recipe scrapbook some old-fashioned charm with an heirloom-style design. Use old postcards, wrapping paper, postage stamps, newspaper clippings, old photos, music, etc. Maybe some tidbits from maga-zines or newspapers and food history information and stories. You can buy vintage-style scrapbook paper and embellishments if you don‘t have access to the other decora-tive items listed above. I happen to know where you can find some wonderful items We have lovely vintage inspired papers and stamps.

HINT: Your child's art is more valuable, beautiful and personalized then standard dies cuts, stickers or other embellishments you can buy. Give your children's imagination free rein, and allow them to use your card-stock and acid-free markers/pens to draw pictures. You may reap some wonderful, yet inexpensive page en-hancements. You can just cut around the image and ad-here it to their pages.

The Last HINT: If you take time to print up your recipes on the computer you‘ll have an extra copy for yourself and it would be soo easy to make duplicate books that will be requested when other family members see this thought-ful beautiful book
Have you seen our recipe cards and stamps? Shop online or contact me for info
~~~~~~~~~ Inspired by tips from Milenna R. AND a few brainwaves of my own

I'm also setting up workshops and the awesome Launch party coming up! Friday September 25th 7pm!

....oh Geesh.. I really need to clean my house! AACK!

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