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Friday, November 27, 2009

Are stamps on your wish list RETIRING?

CTMH is retiring a number of stamps this year. Some are already sold out. Check out the retiring stamps at


Remember its STAMPAGANZA!! Buy 2 Stamp sets and get one FREE!! (up to a $28.50 value each free set) Check it out online for more details or contact me.. but YES you can get more than one free set and YES the stamp sets you buy can go toward getting the Stamp Of The Month FREE as well!!

How many promotional stamp sets can each customer or Consultant receive?
Customers and Consultants can participate as much as they’d like. They will receive their choice of a free stamp set after every two sets they purchase at full retail price. If they buy four sets at retail, they will receive an additional two free sets; if they purchase six sets at retail, they will receive an additional three free sets, and so on.
To determine which sets a customer will receive for free, follow this simple process:

Total all the different sizes of stamp sets your customer hopes to order (whether those are free or paid sets).
Determine the SMALLEST size of stamp set on the order. This is what will be redeemed for free.
If a customer’s order generates more than one free set, the free sets will always be the SMALLEST size of stamp sets on the entire order.
Two examples:

If a customer wishes to place one order with 6 stamp sets, she is eligible to receive 2 of those sets for free. Following the process above, if 3 of the sets are D-size, and 3 are C-size, she will receive the two smallest sizes for free—2 of the C-size sets.
If a customer places a single order of 3 D-size sets, she will receive 1 D-size set free. If she places a subsequent order of 3 C-size sets, she will receive one C-size set for free.
Even though both examples include the same quantity and sizes of stamp sets, what is earned for free is different because of how the orders are organized. Our Order Entry system is configured to always recognize the smallest size of stamps and to offer those for free. Please take this into consideration when working with your customers and placing your orders.

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