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My name is Susan and I'm a regular mom who discovered in her .. umm - later in life that I like crafty stuff.

I am now happily remarried to my own version of 'Peetra". I have 3 children, plus one stillborn son in my heart always. A 'rescued' Siberian Husky named Oliver, Saved Luna Fish & feeder to many birds in the area ;)

A Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis in 2012 put me behind in my crafting blog but I am so much better and intend to get this back going. Thanks for the support crafters!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

How to tell my husband I've been Scentsy Scentsationalized?

Is that a real word?

Have I really added ANOTHER business to my life? Oh gosh. Please check out my facebook page and like it. (so it doesn’t look so pathetic) Its here.

♥I've know about Scentsy for a few years but I avoided it because - umm - Scents and my Migraines don't usually go well together. I never even gave it a whiff!

♥But then my awesome friend Paola started to sell it. Still I figured it would hurt my head …but then my friend Erica had a party - and since I was returning a flute she had lent my daughter - I thought I'd just go, drop off the flute and take a lay out the land - but easy to scoot back out! (I think it was the stuffed Scentsy animals that kept me in) Of course having kids; well the safety of the scentsy is huge! No more risk of lighted Candles!

♥I loved the stuff! Some scents are a bit too strong for me but most of them are incredibly smooth and gentle. I was interested then about joining but.. I have MS and I have migraines. Can I add this into my busy life. (I also have 3 kids and an amazing husband.. who just shrugged his head. I know I know…) and I do have work. lol. The fact I could sell to the USA was a great thing.. and I can sell or sponsor also to United Kingdom, Ireland & Germany. ♥♥ And we do FUNDraising!! I love fundraisers! Contact me for info!

♥Even my picky allergy prone husband loves some of the scents like Oats & Honey. My daughter loves the 'camu camu' for her locker, my eldest boy has the 'cucumber lime’ in his and my youngest is a big fan of the aforementioned stuffed animals. (You want to hug it forever!) ♥So in February 2012 Scentsy had a great double up consultant kit and I figured. I just love this stuff so much. The people i know are so great and involved - everyone is happy at scentsy. (it must be something in the air) I hope you will consider me to be your consultant for Scentsy. I value my clients. I send out a monthly newsletter that is non aggravating! sign up here and see! Almost Everything is 10% off …link to a party for free shipping if you are local, If not; heck a $200 order is Free shipping! Enjoy for yourself or coordinate with a friend.

If you'd like to join this great company then give me a shout! I love helping people. ♥♥♥

That's it. I have no time for more awesome companies!

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